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If you are looking to buy seasoned softwood or hardwood, get in touch with Northern Tree Services of Lisburn for a free quote on our quality wood chips and firewood for sale in Northern Ireland.

Firewood for Sale in Northern Ireland
Wood Chips for Sale in Northern Ireland

What do we sell?


Split Logs

Wood Chips

Firewood for sale in Northern Ireland

Our firewood for sale in Northern Ireland promises to warm your home with the welcoming, rustic allure brought by a log fire. Northern Tree Service’s firewood is a reliable heat source, bringing a warming, homely ambiance, while giving you peace of mind of the planet by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels. Embrace sustainability whilst enjoying the naturalistic charm a crackling fire brings to your home.

Transform your living space with the practical choice for comfort with our quality firewood for sale in Northern Ireland.



Wood chips for sale in Northern Ireland

Our high-quality wood chips for sale in Northern Ireland are available in a range of sizes. The wood chips can be used as mulch in your flower beds and borders to increase the nutrients in the soil and suppress weed growth. Additionally, our wood chips are also ideal for decorative and functional landscaping application. Our affordable wood chips are easy to work with, offering you a stylish, natural-looking finish to your garden paths and play areas.

The team at Northern Tree Services are experienced arboricultural experts. Based in Lisburn, we are a wood chip and firewood supplier, offering a range of quality tree consultancy services and wood products throughout Northern Ireland.


Contact us to order our firewood or wood chips, or any of our wood products, for a collection time that suits you.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

At Northern Tree Services, our aim is to make the most of natural resources. All the wood products that we offer come from sustainable sources, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re making a responsible, environmentally friendly purchase.

We supply firewood to customers in Lisburn and across Northern Ireland. We are happy to set up regular log deliveries throughout the year.
Please get in touch with us to place your order.