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Tree Surgeon Service in Lisburn

Northern Tree Services offers a reliable tree surgery service in Lisburn. Trees play a vital role in our environment, and as tree surgeons, we pride ourselves in offering specialist tree care services; including tree consultancy, tree surveying, tree and branch removal, are but some of our comprehensive tree surgeon services in Lisburn and the surrounding areas.

Your Local Tree Surgeon in Lisburn

Established in 1989, Northern Tree Services has been leading tree surgeon for Lisburn and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We specialise in delivering a fully comprehensive tree surgeon service to meet your specific tree care requirements. Our skilled team of arborist experts employ industry-leading technology and techniques to successfully perform tree care and maintenance, in both commercial and residential settings.

Our tree surgeon services include crown reduction, tree shaping, trimming and pruning. We also offer tree and stump removal where necessary.

With our competitive pricing, care for safety and customer satisfaction guaranteed approach, our experienced professionals are here to schedule an appointment to help you maintain the health and beauty of your trees.

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Why Choose Us For Tree Removal in Lisburn?


Tree removal is a necessary evil that has its place in ensuring a level of health and safety, in urban development, while promoting biodiversity. Overtime, trees can become overgrown causing structural instability, infected with disease, and may encroach on infrastructure, which makes tree removal essential for safety.


Tree removal is also unavoidable in the event of a developmental project. Removing trees will accommodate more space for construction, allowing you to start that vegetable patch or that extension you’ve been longing for to be built.

Additionally, while it may seem counter-productive, tree removal can also be beneficial for the local environment. When conducted in a safe and controlled manner, removing larger, older or diseased trees helps to diversify nearby flora and fauna by enabling more sunlight exposure. This can attract new species of animals, all of which creates a more balanced ecosystem.


If you are looking to expand your living space, ensure your safety, while supporting the local habitat, then contact Northern Tree Services for expert tree felling and tree removal in Lisburn and the surrounding areas.

FAQs on Tree Removal in Lisburn


How much is tree removal in Lisburn?

The cost of tree removal in Lisburn depends on factors such as tree size, the amount of trees, and the length of work. On average, tree removal can vary in costs between £200 and upwards of £1000. Contact our experienced tree surgeons to get a more accurate quote for our tree remove services.


What laws are there for tree removal in Lisburn?

Under NI Government guidelines, there is protective legislation for tree removal in Lisburn and across Northern Ireland. Trees can fall under protection under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to support local wildlife, preserve natural beauty, and for public enjoyment. Failure to comply with a TPO is a criminal offence, and can result in a potential unlimited fine. Before committing to a tree removal service, seek out your local council for further advice.


What is the best time of year for tree removal in Lisburn?

Tree removal in Lisburn is available all year round, but it is advisable to avoid spring and early summer for tree removal. This time of year is typically bird nesting season, and will disrupt natural wildlife. Contact Northern Tree Services for more information about tree removal.


Do I need to hire a professional tree surgeon for tree removal in Lisburn?

It’s highly recommended that you hire a trained tree surgeon for tree removal. Northern Tree Services are licensed under BS 3998:2010 standards, which qualifies us to ensure safe and efficient tree removal in Northern Ireland. Save yourself the hassle of a potential fine, and a heavy workload, and hire Northern Tree Services for your tree removal job.


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